CrossFit – Tue, Feb 14

Warm up – Tuesday
400m slow run
3 / 10
2 rounds:
5/5 plank position shoulder taps
10 KB swings

HS walk work

Scaling option
3-4 sets with partner going 1:1
Pike position on box walk arounds

ADV Option:
1:1 with partner
5-7.5m out and back HS walk

Floor Press (3 sets of:
Floor Press 6-8 reps
Bent over barbell row 6-8 reps

Goal would be to be in partners and go superset for superset with partner deadlifting bar for floor presser)

Met Con – Tuesday (Time)
Every 90sec for 5 rounds:
150m Run buy in each round
Max Rounds in time remaining
3 Push Press 25/40kg
3 lateral Burpees

Rest 3min, then complete another 5 rounds. 10 total.

4 / 10
ADV Option:
45/70kg and bar facing burpees

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