8 min for movement:
45sec machine of choice (every 15 sec increase pace)
10/10m out and back double OH KB carry (Scale to single if needed)
10/10 L/R KB Strict Press

Push press/jerk tech work
– Wall slides (head, shoulders and backside against the wall
– Good front rack
– Vertical dip

Push Jerk (Weight)
4 sets
Complex: 1 Pause in the dip Push press or Jerk + 1 push press or Jerk with no pause
Start at 65% 1rm and build to a heavy complex for the day

Every 2:30 for 10mins (4 rounds)
8 Strict Press
First two rounds: Max rep strict pull ups

Met Con Mbah Xfit (Time)
4 rounds:
20 Wall Balls
10 Deadlifts 70/100kg (ADV Option: 85/130)

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