400m run
2 rounds:
5 slow Jefferson curls
7 wall angels
12 low shift Cossack squats (stay low and grind through the adductors)
Back Squat (Weight)
Pause Back Squat waves (2sec pause in hole)
3, 2, 1
3, 2, 1
* Each corresponding set in wave two is to be heavier than wave one! I.e. the second set of 3 is heavier than the first etc.
Start at 70% and build based on feel!
Met Con Mbah Xfit (Time)
50 Wall Balls
5 KB swings @ 24/32kg (YES, we are going heavy!)
40 Wall Balls
10 KB swings
30 Wall Balls
15 KB swings
20 Wall Balls
20 KB swings
10 Wall Balls
25 KB swings

ADV Option:
100 Double under buy in AND out.

Accessory Work
3 sets
8-10 single leg Romanian deadlift
45-60sec HS hold or feet elevated plank hold (Option for wall or freestanding)

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