CrossFit – Wed, May 31

Warm up – Wednesday
Hip Halo Warmup
6 min AMRAP
3 Step Back Lunge Steps (each side)
5 Alt. V-ups (Each Side)
5 Kip Swings (focus on elevating in back portion of swings)
3 Knees to Elbows
Met con – Wednesday (Time)
Teams of 2 (State teams Blues vs Maroons)
3 Rounds
50 Burpee Box Jump Over (20)
Reps of Back Squats Totaling 5000/4000lbs**
(KG conv: 2250/1800)

*You can take the bar from the rack
**Split reps as desired
**Partners can choose the weight on their barbell and can have different weights for each partner. 5000lb total for male teams could be 38 reps at 135lbs (5130lb total) or 53 reps at 95lbs (5035lb total). Bar weight is allowed to be changed across sets.

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