CrossFit – Fri, Jul 7

Warm up – Friday
Hip Halo Warm up
3 sets:
10 Alternating V-Ups
5 Tempo Air Squats
3 Tempo Front Squats
5 Scap Pull-ups
10 Dumbbell Up right Row (each)
Bench Press (Weight)

Bench Press:
5 sets x 3 Tempo Bench Press @70% of 1RM
*Tempo = 3-second negative and 1-second pressing (contraction) portion

Metcon -Friday (Time)
Teams of 2 20minute AMRAP

Partner 1: 400m Run
Partner 2:
15 Pull-Ups (Or 10 Chest to Bars)
10 Devils Press (50s/35s)
(KG conv: 22.5s/15s)

Swap when Partner 1 returns from run

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