3 rounds:
90sec cardio machine
Increase pace every 30seconds at end of 90sec go straight back to easy pace (4min30 continuous)

— then –

2 rounds
8 Tall Jerks
10 Jump Squats
8 L/8 R Cossack Squats

Clean and Jerk (Weight)
Every 2min for 6 sets:
Clean and jerk or push press
Set 1/2 @ 82.5-85
Set 3/4 @ 85-87.5%
Set 5/6 @ 87.5-90%
Met Con (Time)
Every 2:00 x 5:
25/18 Cal
3-5Muscle ups (Bar or Ring)

Rest 5mins
15 Air squats + 3 Power Snatches

Scale muscle ups for a pull up variation
Power Snatch to be heavy but achieveable (either Touch N Go or reset every rep)

Rx+ 5-10 Muscle ups, 20 Air Squats

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