CrossFit – Tue, Jan 3

Warm up – Tuesday
400m run
10 pause air squats
10 pvc good mornings
10/10 reverse lunges
Back Squat (4 reps every 90seconds for 6 Rds.

Choose a weight that is challenging but achievable and maintain for all 6 Rds.)

Skill Work (5mins Rest post squats/set up for leg burner.

50 DB box step ups for time.
Rx 2 x 22.5kg/15kg DBs
Scale weight back and number of DBs.
Time Cap 5mins)

Met Con – Tuesday (Time)
Dirty Diane

Cals Rower/Assault Bike (women’s 18/12/7)
Deadlifts (102/70kg)
Handstand push ups

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