CrossFit – Wed, Dec 7

Warm Up
400m run easy
3 rounds of:
4 wall walks
8/8 forwards and backwards skater steps
12/12 single arm KB upright row
16 air squats
Met Con (Time)
36 min cap:
5 rounds:
400m run together
10 synch SDLHP @ 24/32kg KB
10 synch goblet squat @16/24kg
20 push press action wall ball on the diagonal

In time remaining from workout max cals on machine with athletes swapping every 10 calories.

Deadlift (Weight)


9. 7. 5 with 20sec rest between sets

Rest 2min AFTER THE SET OF 5

*Repeat for 2 whole cycles of 9, 7, 5

Rough load 65% 1rm


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