8min for movement
45sec machine (increase pace every 15sec)
20 single unders or double unders/attempts
10 push up plus

Workout Brief
Split class into two
Half does the deadlift portion/half does the bench press portion and swap
Bench Press (Weight)
30 Bench/floor Press @ 80% for time
Sumo Deadlift (Weight)
Sumo Deadlift
4 sets of 6
Set 1, 2, @ 65% of regular deadlift
Set 3, 4 @ 70%
Met Con (Time)
EMOM 12min
Min 1- 8-10 burpee box jumps
Min 2- 6 x 10m out and back shuttle runs
Min 3- 20m out and back front rack KB carry @ 16/24kg
Min 4- 10 toes to bar or variant – knees to elbows, knees to chest etc

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