6min AMRAP for movement:
20 air squats
10 elephant walks
20 Alternating Plank Shoulder Taps

into 10min EMOM
Odd mins- toes to bar practise/kip
Even mins- 3 Power cleans building in weight

Power Clean (Weight)
4 sets of
3 Halting Power clean
*each rep pause 2sec at knee and 2 sec in catch
Met Con (Time)
15min AMRAP:
12/15 machine
10/10m out and back bear crawl
12 DB snatch
Rest 1min after each round
-increase by 2 DB snatch each round

ADV Option:
Handstand walk

Accessory Work
70 hollow rocks
Each break
10/10 Russian twist plate taps @ 5/10kg (feet off the ground)

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