2 rounds easy pace:
200m run
10 Scapular Pull-ups
30 sec Pull-up Bar Dead Hang
20m out and back bear crawl (ADV Option – Rd 2: HSW Prac/play)
Push Jerk (Weight)
Push jerk – 5min
Focus on front rack, vertical dip, jump/land, balance/catch with knee bent and recovery.

4 sets of
3 Push press/push Jerk
* Aim to increase weight each set
Those who cannot perform a push jerk properly are to push press and between sets practise 2-3 reps of a dowel push jerk.

Met Con Mbah Xfit (Time)
On the 6mins for 3 rounds:
23/30 cal machine (AD – 18/25)
12 Double Hang DB Snatch @ 10/15kg
12 DB front rack alternating reverse lunge

ADV Option:
On the 6min for 3 sets:
10 squat snatch @ 30/40kg
200m run
10 toes to bar
200m run
10 squat snatch @ 30/40kg

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