CrossFit – Wed, Nov 30


2 rounds:

200m jog

10m walking Romanian deadlift steps (like a sea saw – no weight)

8-10 strict hanging knee tuck

Romanian DeadLift (RDL) (3 sets of:

8-10 heavy reps double hand BUT single leg Romanian deadlift

Rest 45sec between legs


16 plate OH sit-up

Rest 2min after sit ups)

Met Con Mbah Xfit (Time)

10min Cap:


Cal machine

Butterfly sit-ups

DB Front Rack reverse lunge @ 15/22.5kg

*lunges are total reps NOT each leg eg 4/4 – 5/5 – 6/6 – 7/7 etc

Advanced Option:

10min Cap:


Sand bag to shoulder

Toes to bar

50 double unders

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