2 sets:

1min cardio machine

10/10 left and right front rack broomstick stretch pulses

10 strict press

10 overhead squat


For today’s lifting athletes can pick between power snatch or power clean and jerk!

5, 4, 3, 3, (increase load each set, start @ 70% 1rm)

Power Snatch or Clean and Jerks

Immediately after each set:

2min max cals on machine

Rest 2min between sets

Met Con Mbah Xfit (Time)

10 Rounds for time:

5 DB hang squat cleans @ 15/22.5kg

10 Push-Ups with hands on DB (Chest touches the ground)

20 Double Unders

Advanced Option:

12min AMRAP:

5 Devil press into thruster combo

20 double unders/single unders

* Increase each round by 1 devil press combo and 20 double under

Accessory Work

1min each side banded chest stretch

1min pull up hang

1min each side cross body banded rear delt stretch

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