3 rounds:
1min Cardio machine (increase pace every 20seconds)
10 Alternating Dead Bugs
20sec OH DB or KB stationary hold (Double, or scale to single, 15sec each side)

EMOM 10min:
Coaches concentrate on the athletes who need to work on progressions/scaling

Try to get athletes to ALTERNATE between a skill piece and a strength piece.
Odd mins- kick up and hold
Even mins- Pike on box HSPU

Donkey kicks
Slow lower negatives
Slow lower negative + kick out

Met Con Mbah Xfit (Time)
16min AMRAP:
15/20 Machine Calories
6 strict pull ups
6 DB Burpees
15/20 Machine Calories
12 push ups
12 DB deadlifts

* Each round increase PULL UPS and DB burpees by 1
AND push-ups and DB deadlifts by 2

ADV Option:
16min AMRAP:
400m run
6 bar muscle ups
6 strict HSPU
200m run
12 chest to bar
12 kipping HSPU

Accessory Work
1 set only to failure each side"
2-3min rest between sides
15 single leg DB Romanian deadlift
Directly into (same working leg)
Max reverse stepping DB lunge

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