CrossFit – Thu, Mar 16

Warm up – Thursday
3 rounds: (relay format with partner)
50/50m run (partner performs continuous easy alt Cossack squats)
10 slow no jump burpees (partner holds a hollow hold)

Metcon – Thursday (Time)
EMOM for 6 rounds:
Min. 1) 12/15 cal machine/partner runs 200m in same time frame alternate each round
Min. 2) 12 (6/6) synch single arm thruster
Min. 3) 20 wall ball on diagonal
Min. 4) 20 Push-Ups
Min. 5) 20 synch Russian KB swings @ 16/24kg
Min. 6) 12 Sit Ups
Min. 7) Max synch burpee to a plate

*score is total burpees
* If any station is not complete that is a 2 rep burpee pull up penalty off score

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