CrossFit – Wed, Jan 4

Warm up – Wednesday
400m run
Into empty barbell warm up
10 snatch grip deadlifts
5 snatch pulls
5 snatch high pulls
5 muscle snatches
5 pause overhead squats
5 power snatches
5/5 reverse lunges (barbell on back)
5 behind neck press
5 hang power snatches
5 hang squat snatches
Hang Snatch (7 sets of 2 reps
Use a moderate load throughout and focus on technique and pausing in the bottom of the catch.)
Metcon – Wednesday
AMRAP 18mins
10 Hang Power Snatches (40/30kg)
10 lateral burpees over the bar
200m run
With barbell from WOD

3Rds superset
12 bent over barbell rows
15 push ups

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