CrossFit – Tue, Dec 5

Tuesday WARM up

Hip Halo


6:00 AMRAP

0:30 assault bIke

5 pike push ups

10 jumping lunges

Skill Work (Max reps)

Pull up week 4 progressions

3x 45-60sec dead hang (if can’t hang on this long then jump down and shake out 10secs).

Rest 1min between sets

3 x 5-8 5second negative pull ups (use a box to scale).

Rest 1min beteen sets

3 x 5-7 banded or unassisted pull ups

Rest 30seconds between sets

3 x 3-4 unassissted or weighted pull ups

Rest 30 seconds between sets

Time cap 20mins

Tuesday Metcon (Time)

5 sets

15/12 Cals Assault bIke

12 handstand push ups

15m DB front rack walking lunge (22/15kg)

Rest 1:1

Target time 1:50-2:15/set

Time cap 2:30/set

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