CrossFit – Tue, Aug 29

Tuesday WARM up
Hip Halo Warm Up
8 min AMRAP
30-second Assault Bike (build in pace)
5 Down Dog/Seal Pose Transitions
5 Situp
5 Wall Ball Thrusters
Skill Work (Max reps)
Toes to Bar: Week 4

Partner workout – one partner works while the other rests.
* Advanced: Accumulate 40 Strict Toes To Bar as a team
* Intermediate: Accumulate 30 Strict Toes To Bar as a team
* Beginner: Accumulate 30 Strict Knee Raises as a team
* Alternative: Accumulate a 2 min plank hold as a team (can be on knees to scale down or on rings to scale up)


TIME CAP: 12 minutes

Tuesday Optional Extra
"Row ""2k PR Paced"" Workouts"

500m at RPE8, 2 Min Rest
125m at RPE9, 2 Min Rest
400m at RPE8, 90 Sec Rest
125m at RPE9, 90 Sec Rest
300m at RPE8, 60 Sec Rest
125m at RPE9

Tuesday Metcon (Time)
Teams of 2 (1:1)
30:00 Amrap
15/12 Calorie Assault Bike (or 12/10 Echo)
10 GHD’s (or V-ups)
15 Wall Balls (20/14)
10 GHD’s (or V-ups)
15/12 Calorie Assault Bike (or 12/10 Echo)
* Partner 1 completes a full round then rests while Partner 2 completes a round.
(KG conv: 9/7 WB)

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