CrossFit – Wed, Aug 23

Warm up – Wednesday
3:00 Machine
3 sets:
30-second Row (build in pace)
30-second Run
10m Sled Push (empty)
10 Alternating V-Ups
Met con – Wednesday (Time)
Teams of 2
Calorie Row
Synchro Air Squats
*Female Calories (80-64-48-32-16)
(KG conv: total weight on sled 80/60)

Time Cap: 32mins

Skill Work (Max reps)
Toes to Bar: Week 3
Take turns with a partner and rotate to the next station when complete.
Station 1:
Advanced: Accumulate 100 Active Shrugs with 10/5lb Dumbbell between legs
Intermediate: Accumulate 100 Active Shrugs
Beginner: Accumulate 60 Active Shrugs

Station 2:
Advanced: Accumulate 60 V Ups
Intermediate: Accumulate 50 V Ups
Beginner: Accumulate 40 Alternating Leg V Ups

Station 3:
Advanced: Accumulate 3 minute L Sit [use boxes or paralllettes]
Intermediate: Accumulate 2 minute L Sit [use boxes or paralllettes]
Beginner: Accumulate 2 minute Support Tuck Hold [use boxes or parallettes]

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