2 rounds
Machine – 1 min
Single leg Wall Sit 15/15 sec
12 Alternating Lunges
8 muscle cleans
4 box jump/step down

7mins to find a high box jump
Power Clean (Weight)
7mins to hit a heavy power clean for the day

Accessory Work
Clean pulls
4 sets of 3 @ 100% of todays power clean
Met Con (Time)
15min AMRAP
10 handstand shoulder taps or weight shifts, OR plank shoulder taps
15 Double Dumbbell Push Press
12/15 cal machine
15 double DB HANG to overhead (like a HANG DB Snatch)

ADV Option:
15min AMRAP
10m HS walk
8 Double KB Push Press 24/32kg
15/20 cal machine
10m HS walk
16 Double KB Deadlift 24/32kg

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