3 rounds
5, 10, 15m out and back shuttle run
15 Russian Kettlebell Swings
10 drop Squats
5 slow wall therapy squats
Pull-ups (Max reps)
Pull ups
EMOM 10mins
# of pull ups
– Try to avoid bands today.

Box assisted kipping motion (grease the groove)
Kip swing x 2 + pull up
Old school kipping pull ups
Small butterfly movements

Like HSPU earlier in week. Weaker athletes or less skilled to alternate between a skill and a strength movement
Odd rounds- box assisted kipping motion
Even rounds- 4-6 rack pull ups

Met Con Mbah Xfit (Time)
4 rounds with 1min rest
3min on:
30 medball cleans
20 push press wall ball
Max suicide shuttles in time remaining (5/10/15m)

ADV Option:
30 medball cleans
20 wall ball
Max suicide shuttles in time remaining (5/10/15m)

Accessory Work
2 rounds
10/10 front hold split squat (KB or DB front rack or sand bag bear hug- keep weight OFF thigh)
10 (5/5) controlled bird dogs

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