3 rounds
200m run
30sec HS hold +/- wall walk to HS hold
8 no jump burpees
10 Banded Face Pulls
Deadlift (Weight)
Deficit Deadlift to 3-4"
5 sets of 5
Between 72.5-80%
*usual theme if over 170/185cm athletes will do regular deadlift
Met Con (Time)
40 Hang Power Cleans @ 10/15kg
30 Front Squats
20 push press
10 dB burpee box step ups

Rest 1min

10 devil press
20 thrusters
30 DB snatch
40 Deadlifts

ADV Option: 15/22.5kg DB or 16/24kg KBs.

Accessory Work
4 rounds of
30 Russian Twist
30/30m Suitcase Carry @ 24/32kg change hands half way

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