CrossFit – Wed, Jul 12

Warm up – Wednesday
2:00 Row (increase pace every 30-seconds)
2:00 Run (increase pace every 30-seconds)
3 sets:
10 Roll and Reach
10 Iron Cross
10 Scorpions
5 Up Downs
Shoulder Press (Rep Scheme: 8,8,6,6,4,4,2,2

Build over sets to a heavy double.)

Met con – Wednesday (Time)
AMRAP 20:00
500m/450m Row
15 Burpees over Rower
400m Run
15 Burpees over Rower
Wednesday Optional Extra
Quality / Pump Session
5 Sets:
10 Towel Rows/Banded Bent Over Rows/Strict Pull Ups
10 Hand Release Push-ups
10 V-Ups
10 Towel/Banded Bicep Curls
10 Pike Push Ups or Handstand Push Ups or Banded Strict Press
-rest 1:30-2:00 between sets-

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