CrossFit – Thu, Dec 15

warm up – thursday
2 rounds:
1min machine
45sec wall sit
6/6 single leg glute bridge
10 band good mornings
10 empty barbell push jerk from the rack
10 empty barbell split jerk from the rack

focus on technique and getting into position prior to loading bar with weight

Split Jerk (Jerk
4 sets of 4 @ 75-80%

then drop back weight and perform
3 sets of 5 push jerks

Metcon – Thursday (Time)
3 rounds, each round for time, 2min rest:
200m run
24 OH Kettlebell Swings 16/24kg
6 Floor Press 40/60kg
Max strict push-ups

ADV Option:
200m run
12/12 KB snatch @ 16/24kg
6 Floor press @ 50/75kg
10m out and back HSW

5mins for movement
8 Barbell Evil wheels
8 Strict Ring Dips

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